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Welcome to the new vision!

Hold the power of innovation in hand, and keep the leisure for the future in the heart, aspirations is broad and vast like the heaven and earth, as the heart is unbounded. The innovation continues...

Production Team

New Vision has a perfect product research and development team, which will complete the whole industry chain, from preliminary planning, art design, 3D animation, to final program implementation, through their own core technology and intellectual property. At the same time, the company has established cooperation with Dalian Natural Museum, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, and other universities and colleges, and employed experts and professors in the field of education, publishing, software engineering etc. to form the consultant team, to ensure the authority and competitiveness of the product creation.

Planning department

The planning experts, coming from the experienced professionals in the field of education, animation, books and others, have unusual but magic thinking; they have compiled a large number of children books, and participated in the production of several animated cartoons in CCTV and satellite TV stations, who have mature and profound knowledge and rich practical experience in children education and digital publishing industry. They follow no set form and make perfection more perfect. The experts on children education, linguistics and natural science constitute the consultant team, providing full range of professional guidance and support.

2D design department

A team with many years of experience in international children’s book illustration and illustrations drawing, has participated in the drawing illustration of international top leading mobile game. The works of core team members have been repeatedly published in the international well-known CG yearbook (EXPOSE, EXOTIQUE etc.), and was invited to write illustrator tutorial in various domestic and foreign professional forum. They don’t only have strong CG modelling design experience, but also have the power of original design and multimedia products packaging. At present, they are mainly engaged in original picture book drawing, product packaging design and image promotion design etc.

3D production department

The backbone of our team are composed of first-line talents in the industry, including model team, animation team, rendering team and special effects team, with over 10 years experience in the production, research and development of 3D animation, 3D online game and nextgen. Game, and have cooperated with about 20 famous animation game companies at home and abroad, such as fine wave, RED, IMAGE etc., and have won the awards in 3Dawards, CGArena(USA) and international famous CG competitions, fully involved in the development of China 3D animation and game. At present, they are mainly responsible for 3D model and rendering, animation production, game art design, and postproduction etc.

Program R&D department

With more than 10 years of experience in the game architecture design and development, they have invited graphics experts to provide academic support. They also have completely independent research and development of AR graphics engine, AI intelligent engine, physical engine and professional numerical calculation toolkit, and abundant experience in the development of OpenGL and DirectX rendering kernel, have participated in research and development of core technology and architecture design for several login Steam games. Additionally, they have achieved a series of research results in augmented reality, human-computer interaction and computer animation, overcome many key technology of AR augmented reality virtual reality learning environment and have a certain influence in the academic industry at home and abroad.

Post-production department

Composed of industrial elites, they are good at making large feature films, commercials and micro films such as Top of the Tide, the foreign investment film of Dalian in 2013 and micro film “Spicy Faith” etc. they are now responsible for post production and shooting of advertising, and promotional products etc.