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Welcome to the new vision!

Hold the power of innovation in hand, and keep the leisure for the future in the heart, aspirations is broad and vast like the heaven and earth, as the heart is unbounded. The innovation continues...

Enterprise Positioning
The Leader in AR Technology Application  The Advocator of Interactive Education for Children
Core Philosophy
Committed to innovation, eager to make progress

Forging ahead is a mental spirit that dare to explore and
Make bold efforts to seek for innovation
Make bold efforts to seek for innovation
New lies in innovative ideas
While cutting-edge requires more sophisticated strength
- Only bold innovation and sustainable strength
Can make us grasp the opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The world is wide and science and technology have no limit,
New Vision will lead the dreams of the technology era
As for the realm of our thoughts
Our persistence pursue for dreams will exist between the heaven and the earth
Assiduous seek for breakthroughs and cross-border achievements

Committed to innovation and eager to make progress, let our drams fly in the vast world between
the heaven and the earth
It is the core philosophy of New Vision
We have the courage to be pioneers
With this inexhaustible motive force, we can take the lead in media technology and make tremendous success that nobody has ever achieved.

Enterprise Vision
A company with great achievements

The meaning of the great refers to be known, remembered and respected by as many as people as possible within a period of time as long as possible. Great achievements will not only realize our value and contribution to society but also promote the progress of human civilization.

A great company is an assured company that customers can trust and the backbone of the industry development and a founder of industry standards. It is also an advocate of advanced way of life and a faithful and reliable supporter for China as well as a promoter of human civilization and progress.

Enterprise Spirit
Core Values

"Not stick to one pattern and make bold innovation" is the spirit we remain committed to. In the process of product development and company operation, we take thinking innovation, technology innovation, product innovation and marketing innovation as our main focus and make every effort to adapt to the changing market demands and let ourselves always stay the leading position in the industry.

Efficient Execution

New Vision implements a flat management pattern to speed up the information flow rate and improve decision-making efficiency. We carry out hard work spirit company-wide. All our staff shall do whatever they say and shall not delay or shirk, so that our work can be executed efficiently. When facing difficulties, we choose to move forward and use our teamwork to actively thinking problems we found; finally we can turn our learning experience into work achievements, so as to solve the problem effectively.

Employee Motivation

We provide regular training chances for staff on duty, so that employees can grow with our company. Meanwhile, we have perfect evaluation criteria to quantify employees’ work performance. Besides, we also have an excellent rewards and punishment system to encourage employees to play an initiative role in work and stimulate their awareness of actively seeking for progress. Furthermore, we set up Innovation and Progress Award in our company and give generous reward to employees who have made an outstanding contribution to our company. By doing so, we can let staff have full passion for their work and maintain a positive and healthy competition.

Cultural Activities

We attach importance to cultural activities of employees. All our staff will engage in and costar our large annual meeting every year, therefore enhance their corporate identity and enrich their spiritual life. Various departments also organize group activities from time to time to enhance the employees’ sense of teamwork, improve team unity and cohesion and create a healthy work-life atmosphere.
In addition, we also actively participate in various regional sporting events, such as football games, shuttlecock game, and have made satisfying results. In the culture month activity of Dalian Pioneer Park, we won three consecutive shuttlecock championships from 2006 to 2008 and we also won the third place in 2011.

Responsibility Goes First

We have a strong sense of social responsibility and mission and do our best part to actively give back to the community where we operate. We visited Dalian welfare homes for many times. We brought our love to orphans and disabled children in welfare homes and donated school supplies and assign a commissioner to pay a return visit and carry out free training for kinds in welfare homes.