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Hold the power of innovation in hand, and keep the leisure for the future in the heart, aspirations is broad and vast like the heaven and earth, as the heart is unbounded. The innovation continues


Dalian New Vision Media Co., Ltd. is a specialized R&D company of domestic leading augmented reality technology and new media education products, has passed the qualification authentication of national animation enterprises, became one of the members of China Toy & Juvenile Products Association and established good R&D cooperation relationship with many colleges and universities. New Vision has about a hundred first-line staff engaged in the product planning, program development, 2D design, 3D production, film and television advertising industry, owns a number of patents and independent intellectual property rights, with strong product development and independent innovation ability.

Since its establishment in 2003, New Vision has been engaged in overall research and development of digital visual and technical system oriented by independent innovation. The company takes the leading position in the field of augmented reality, is one of advocates and standard constitutor of augmented reality in China, its independently developed “Magic World” has become the first augmented reality system software created by Chinese people.
In recent years, New Vision focuses on the research and development of novel interactive children education products, and aims to serve the children’s life and study with science and technology. With excellent independent research and development, innovation and practical ability, New Vision assumed the 2013 national culture and sci-tech innovation project of “12th Five-year” national sci-tech support plan: Key Technology Integration and Industrialization Demonstration of Interactive Augmented Reality Virtual Learning Environment for Science-Popularizing Products and Services (Project No.: 2013BAH23F02).

This project will be based on the study of the theories and methods on application of interactive augmented reality virtual learning environment in the science-popularizing products and services, solve the key technical problems in 3D registration, actual and virtual integration, real-time natural interaction, etc., research and develop a number of industrial application products with complete independent intellectual property rights. The independently researched and developed “AR school” series is one of application demonstrations of this project.

“AR school” is a novel children education product in combination of augmented reality and science learning, including books, cards and intelligent toys covering: nature, animals, plants, geography, history, and many other aspects. Besides the words, pictures and other plane and static reading elements, this series of books also contains voice, video, animation, real-time change module, interface module and so on, and realize multidimensional display in the mobile terminal (tablet PC and smartphones, etc.) via AR augmented reality technology, provide audiences with more and better information and experience than traditional reading form, so that the children can have a happy childhood filled with wisdom, happiness and unforgettable memories.

New Vision has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “commitment to innovation and forging ahead”, striding forward, and constantly meeting the people’s demand for digital service experience, and aiming to lead the development of national industry in the future.